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NFL Trade Fallout

3 Biggest Trades Thus Far:

  1. Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for Jared Goff, 2022 1st, 2023 1st, and 2021 3rd to the Detroit Lions

  • Impact: The LA Rams and Sean McVay are hoping for a major upgrade at QB going from Jared Goff to Matthew Stafford. The Rams have a roster filled with star power. When you have possibly the best non-qb in the league in Aaron Donald along with the best cover corner in Jalen Ramsey, your defense is off to a good start. The Rams are losing their innovative Defensive Coordinator in Brandon Staley going to the LA Chargers, but they hope that the tandem of Donald and Ramsey can keep the defense playing at an elite level. Offensively, Sean McVay loses a pocket passer in Goff who seemed to rely heavily on McVay telling him exactly what to look for before the play began. McVay will be gaining an older but slightly more athletic QB in Stafford who has as much arm talent as anyone in the league. The Rams believed that they had a Super Bowl quality roster last year, but that their QB was holding them back. Stafford throughout his career has shown signs of the talent that led him to be the 1st pick in 2009, unfortunately for him he has played for the Detroit Lions. The Lions have 1 playoff win since 1957 (1 playoff win in 64 years). Tom Brady has won 34 times since he became a starting qb in 2001 for reference. The Rams have to hope that Sean McVay could have a similar impact to the Kyle Shanahan-Matt Ryan relationship. Matty Ice and Stafford have had similar careers, Matty Ice has had the benefit of having an elite offensive mind to help produce his best years ever. If McVay could have a similar impact and Stafford has weapons such as Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, Cam Akers, and the slim possibility of a healthy DJAX could have this offense explode. The offense will most likely have to step up because the chances of the defense replicating last years #1 rating are not likely even with players of the caliber of Donald and Ramsey.

  • For the Lions, Dan “RIP KNEECAPS” Campbell is signed long term and so is new GM Brad Holmes. They were able to acquire more draft capital while also receiving a reclamation project in Goff. Goff will have an uphill battle in Detroit, especially when you look at his receiving core. Lions let Golladay and Marvin Jones walk… lookout for TJ “CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE HOCK IS COOKING” Hockenson I guess. Lions will most likely find their qb of the future in the 2022 draft unless they are able to get a Trey Lance, Justin Fields, or Mac Jones which doesn’t look great with the possibility of 4 qbs going 1-4 and teams possibly wanting to trade up to acquire 1 of those men such as the Panthers, WFT, Broncos, etc. Lions have so many holes that they will most likely be trying to just acquire as many quality players as they can through draft picks the next couple years as the Stafford era has ended and the Goff era will be short-lived.

  1. Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for 2021 3rd and 2022 Conditional 2nd that can become a 2022 1st to the Philadelphia Eagles if Wentz fulfills certain accomplishments such as playing 75% of Colts Offensive snaps or 70% of their offensive snaps and helping Colts secure an AFC playoff spot.

  • The Colts just had Philip Rivers retire. They had as much salary cap as anyone for free agency with no real options QB wise and held the 21st pick in this year’s draft. This made them a very logical team to target a qb on the trade market. The 2020 Eagles season was an absolute disaster, especially for Carson Wentz. Wentz, who was thought of as the Ginger Savior back in the 2016 draft for many Philly fans, had an MVP-esque season in 2017 before suffering a season ending injury. Wentz had injuries derail him for the next couple seasons which helped play into him never regaining the magic of 2017. In 2018 and 2019, Wentz although not MVP-esque, was a QB you could win with, he was probably a top 12 and closer to 12 than 1. But everything seemed to go upside down for him and the Birds in 2020. Wentz started the 2020 season as hot as one could play for the 1st quarter and a half against the WFT. He looked dare I say it, like the 2017 Wentz. Then he threw a gut-wrenching pick before halftime and seemingly forgot how to play the position for the rest of the season. Many will point to Wentz mechanics as part of his decline as well as his poor decision-making. That is fair and deserving, but Wentz did not have much help either. The O-line was decimated by injuries, but they were still not as bad as the sack total may reflect, they were no longer performing like a top 5 unit in the league and were performing much more like an average to below average unit. The offensive game plan was pretty bland and boring. Since the magical 2017 season, the offensive has seemed to be not as creative or innovative. Many critics of Dougie P, blame the loss of Carson’s new coach Frank Reich leaving (God Dammit Josh McDaniels) for Indy in 2018 as the cause. Then you have the receiving core that Wentz had, you had Greg Ward, who was 2nd to dead last in yards per route run, the corpse of Zach Ertz, an often injured Dallas Goedert, Travis Fulgham (who they just stopped playing in favor of the Corpse of Alshon Jeffrey), Corpse of DJAX, rookie John Hightower, rookie Jalen Reagor (WHY NOT JUSTIN JEFFERSON), rookie Quez Watkins, and for 1 play at least 6’6” Hakeem Butler who gave the least effort possible on a goal line fade. The Colts hope that getting the gang back together of the 2017 Eagles Magic will work with Wentz and Reich. Wentz will have a fantastic O-line, his favorite coach, Jonathan Taylor, Mike Pittman Jr, and TY Hilton to look forward to. This should allow the Colts to continue to be a very competitive team in the AFC. Unfortunately for them, Patrick Mahomes exists and so does Andy Reid so a Super Bowl Appearance will be difficult to expect.

  • For the Eagles, the move was needed. Wentz did not want to be here anymore (wouldnt’t blame him either). It is now JALEN HURTS SZN. The Eagles with this move and the trade they just made with the Dolphins will potentially have 3 1st Rounders in 2022. The Eagles will be making 2021 a JALEN prove us something year even though Jalen will not have much help. The Dolphins trade took them from 6->12 and they will lose out on the Jamar Chase/Kyle Pitts sweepstakes. Jalen must be begging for his old Bama Buddies Devonta Smith or Jaylen Waddle to fall to 12 so that he has something to work with. One thing Jalen can look forward to is the O-Line being healthy and back to their top 5 abilities, a new coaching staff that will bring innovative ideas, and the Eagles actually using Boobie Sanders. If Goedert can stay healthy, Fulgham can be anything like middle of 2020 Fulgham, Reagor shows any improvement, and they add some talent to fill out the receiving core, Hurts may be able to show whether he could become someone like a young Dak Prescott. If he just looks like a quality backup, the Eagles will be looking for the next QB in 2022 and they will have plenty of draft capital. The Eagles finally realized it seems that they are old and not very good. So the next couple years will be about hitting on draft picks and then signing free agents the next couple years once their salary cap room frees up in 2022 and beyond with the Wentz contract gone.

  1. NFL DRAFT TRADE EXTRAVAGANZA: 49ERS trade from 12th pick to 3rd with the Miami Dolphins. DOLPHINS Trade the 12th pick for the 6th Pick with the EAGLES.

  • 49ers: BYE BYE Jimmy G. HELLO MCORKLE JONES. Seriously, I hope Shanahan traded 2 1sts, swapped 2021 1sts, and traded a 2021 3rd for Justin Fields or Trey Lance and not MCORKLE.

  • Dolphins: Chis Grier with a masterclass in trading. Dolphins clearly believe in Tua even though I wouldn’t if I were them. Because Miami wasn’t gonna pick a qb, they were able to acquire even more future draft capital while still staying high enough in the top 10 to select a top receiving threat such as Jamar Chase, Kyle Pitts, or the Alabama guys.

  • Eagles: Howie knows this is rebuild time so they were willing to trade down and lose their shot at a Pitts or Chase in order to acquire another 1st in 2022 and still have the possibility of one of the Alabama guys or a top defensive player.

8 Players I would like to see in new Landing Spots:

  1. Deshaun Watson

  • Potential Teams: Dolphins, Panthers, Jets

  • My Choice: The Dolphins would immediately become title contenders when you add the 2nd best young qb in the league behind Mahomes.

  1. Odell Beckham Jr.

  • Potential Teams: Packers, Patriots

  • My Choice: Packers, get A-ARON some more help. Davante Adams is a baller but your 2nd wr cannot be MVS or The Lazard Man.

  1. Sam Darnold

  • Potential Teams: Panthers, Football Team

  • My Choice: Panthers, TEDDY B AIN’t the answer. Take a chance on Darnold for a 3rd or 4th rounder and see what Joe Brady can do with him, DJ Moore and Robby “SUN GOD” Anderson and CMC.

  1. Zach Ertz

  • Potential Teams: Colts, Titans

  • My Choice: Titans, all they have right now are WR1 AJB and King Henry. Ertz cannot get YAC for his life but he's reliable and would be a big body target for Tannehill for those intermediate routes.

  1. Michael Gallup

  • Potential Teams: Packers, Eagles

  • My Choice: Packers, once again if not OBJ get Aaron HELP. Cowboys are loaded with talent in Cooper and Ceedee so trade Gallup and get some picks to fix that defense or oline.

  1. Juju Smith Schuster:

  • For some reason this man chose the corpse of BIG BEN instead OF PATRICK MAHOMES OR LAMAR JACKSON???? Corvette Corvette... What you doing JUJU?

  1. Curtis Samuel:

  • WFT is going to be exciting! FITZ, SCARY TERRY, Samuel, Logan Thomas, and Tony Montana Gibson with that defense sounds like an NFC East Title incoming.

  1. Jimmy Garoppolo

  • Potential Teams: Patriots

  • My Choice: Bill finally gets what he wanted all along. Jimmy G’s time in San Fran is over. Whether it is MCORKLE JONES, Justin Fields, or Trey Lance, all 3 would bring more excitement to that Shanahan offense than injury riddled Jimmy G.

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